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There are 6,000 Landcare groups across Australia working to improve the health of their local environments. Most of these groups are made up of volunteers who contribute massively to our land and water health at a national scale and could not exist without ongoing funding and support.


Your fundraising efforts will help fund local Landcare projects that focus on sustainable agriculture and maintaining the delicate balance of a healthy land for all.


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Woady Yaloak Catchment Group


The Woady Yaloak Catchment Project is a community based Landcare project involving seven Landcare groups within the Woady Yaloak River Catchment. The Catchment covers 120,000ha, with water from the Woady Yaloak River flowing into Lake Corangamite - Australia's largest permanent inland lake and a waterbody of international significance.

Founding member Cam Nicholson (pictured), with the Woady Yaloak Catchment Group coined the phase “Productive Catchment Management” – a notion that properly engaged community with viable farms are more capable of producing natural resource management outcomes.

An assessment of the catchment showed there are now double the area of trees (excluding non-Indigenous plantation species) across 100 landholders and has seen a significant rise in stream condition whilst increasing pasture soil pH and available phosphorus.

By motivating people to be involved in Landcare, changing landholders’ attitudes towards natural resource management and sustainability, increasing their knowledge on Landcare issues and increasing skills and capacity to undertake Landcare work, the Woady Yaloak Catchment Group is one of the most successful and influential Landcare Groups in the country.

Presenting “Landcare farming – makes sense and money” as part of a 2014 National Landcare Webinar, Cam explained how with the Woady Yaloak Catchment Group he assisted 30 partners in sponsoring 1,740 projects worth $9.8M enabling landholder’s to:

  • Plant 800,000 trees,
  • Fence and enhance 83 km of waterways,
  • Construct 15 crossings
  • Place 105 off stream and paddock watering points.

The Woady Yaloak landholders have undertaken more than 6,300 hours of earthworks for erosion control and removing rabbit harbours, 600 hours enhancing or creating wetlands, use 7,600 litres of chemical to control weeds and sow or improved 11,000 hectares of deep rooted perennial pastures.