Online Fundraising


your impact will make a difference!

By taking part in From Farm to Fork, an initiative of Landcare Australia, you will make a difference by supporting three great causes:

  • Supporting our farmers
  • Helping kids understand where their food comes from
  • The amazing work being undertaken by local Landcare groups.


Landcare Australia is a not-for-profit organisation building capacity for Landcare communities to better manage Australia's crucial land and water assets. Our vision is all Australians actively caring for the land and water that sustains us.




By taking part in From Farm to Fork, you are helping us achieve this vision, which will make a positive difference for generations to come.


You will be...


supporting our

our goal is to raise $60,000

Farmers don't just produce food! They also look after the health of our land, and as guardians of the land, they need to ensure that the natural environment remains healthy. Healthy landscapes means wildlife has access to habitat and food, invasive weeds and pest animals are controlled, water quality is looked after, and healthy ecosystems function.

Your fundraising efforts will help our Australian farmers meet the challenges facing them and become increasingly resilient to drought, floods and an ever changing climate. Your funds will enable Landcare Australia support knowledge-sharing projects that will see farmers working together to implement programs on their farms to build resilience and ensure their land remains sustainable, healthy and prepared for the challenges coming their way. Other projects include funding to help our farmers to become 'environmental stewards' to urban communities and educate about where our food comes from.


supporting our kids

our goal is to raise $60,000

Your fundraising efforts will help educate children about where their food comes from through programs through the Junior Landcare program.

The funds will enable Landcare Australia to develop resources for the Australian school curriculum to educate kids about our food. We will also provide grants for disadvantaged schools to start their own vegetable garden or have access to a special program called “From Paddock to Plate” developed by Louise FitzRoy (one of our ambassadors) through Junior Landcare. Imagine, your impact will help children understand more about where their food comes from and learn about the importance of a healthy environment in a hands-on way!


supporting our landcare groups

our goal is to raise $30,000

There are 6,000 Landcare groups across Australia working to improve the health of their local environments. Most of these groups are made up of volunteers who contribute massively to our land and water health at a national scale and could not exist without ongoing funding and support.Your fundraising efforts will help fund local Landcare projects that focus on sustainable agriculture and maintaining the delicate balance of a healthy land for all.