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If we want our kids and our kids' kids to be able to enjoy the same supply of fresh food that we have, our farmers need our support.


Your impact will help educate children about where their food comes from through Junior Landcare programs. The funds will enable Landcare Australia to develop resources for the Australian school curriculum to educate kids about our food. We will also provide grants for disadvantaged schools to start their own vegetable garden or have access to a special program called "From Paddock to Plate" developed by Louise FitzRoy (one of our ambassadors) through Junior Landcare. Imagine, your impact will help children understand more about where their food comes from and learn about the importance of a healthy environment in a hands-on way!


Meet some aussie kids supported by landcare australia


Girraween Primary School

Northern Territory

Received $1,000 through the Yates Junior Landcare Creative Gardening Grants

Students at Girraween Primary School are no strangers to learning life lessons through agriculture – their school's mini farm features chickens, a buffalo, goat, cow and a 400m² vegetable garden. The school's sustainability programs involve students from Pre-School to Year 6.They have also implemented a number of projects to help their school and community - turning their learning into on-ground activity – such as building a Butterfly Farm and forming the 'Rubbish Warriors' group who monitor the school grounds and award a prize at assemblies for the best kept area. Girraween Primary School has received the honour of being asked to create and contribute resources on food and fibre for the Landcare in the Curriculum resources created by Landcare Australia in partnership with the National Primary Industry Education Foundation.


Lake gargello central school

New south wales

Received the Paddock to Plate program offered by Louise FitzRoy

Lake Cargelligo Central School is located in a rural community of 1300 people and one of our main industries is Agriculture. The farmers here not only provide food and fibre for the country and the world, but also provide jobs, income and a lifestyle for everyone in our community. The central school currently has 250 students enrolled with 110 students in high school. Over half of these students currently study Agriculture as a subject but a lot of students, especially those in primary, miss out on this opportunity. Most students are involved in some way or form with agriculture in the community, whether it be through family, work or secondary industries. However, some students are not always aware of the connections of food to the farm. The school has a 17 acre farm which we use for agricultural activities and have a number of farmers who are willing to assist with expertise.

The From Paddock to Plate Schools Program helps students are now gaining valuable knowledge and experience from industry experts and leaders via this program which they can then use in real life situations back in our community. They already have the background knowledge of agriculture, but this resource provides them a deeper understanding and they will then be able to filter this knowledge back through our school and community. The worksheets and suggested activities cater for all levels and can easily be used by all teachers, not just those in the Agriculture faculty.

Most importantly this resource is giving students the opportunity to see new people, new innovations and have new experiences within the farming sector that they don’t have access to in their own community.