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Farmers don't just produce food! They also look after the health of our land, and as guardians of the land, they need to ensure that the natural environment remains healthy. Healthy landscapes means wildlife has access to habitat and food, invasive weeds and pest animals are controlled, water quality is looked after, and healthy ecosystems function.


Your impact will help our Australian farmers meet the challenges facing them and become increasingly resilient to drought, floods and an ever changing climate. Your funds will enable Landcare Australia support knowledge-sharing projects that will see farmers working together to implement programs on their farms to build resilience and ensure their land remains sustainable, healthy and prepared for the challenges coming their way. Other projects include funding to help our farmers to become 'environmental stewards' to urban communities and educate about where our food comes from.

Meet some of your Aussie farmers below.


Charlie Arnott
Natural Grass Fed Beef

The Arnott family has bred and grown Shorthorn cattle at 'Hanaminno', Boorowa for 45 years. Michael Arnott, the great, great grandson of William Arnott, the man who started the Famous Arnott's Biscuit Company, decided to break with tradition, and given his strong family ties with the bush, moved to Boorowa in Southern Queensland. His son, Charlie Arnott, took over the reins in 1997, and has continued the proud Arnott tradition of producing high quality Australian products.

Biodiversity is enhanced through the award winning Generative management practises, and the principles of Holistic Management applied, producing healthy plants, animals and people. The Shorthorn cattle, which are hormone-free and grass-fed, thrive in this environment. The cattle are handled with care and respect, using animal husbandry second to none. Quite simply the cattle are happy, and as a result, the beef is healthier, most nutritious, clean and sustainable.

Charlie has been an active Landcarer since the inception of the movement in 1989 and chairs the Lachlan regional Landcare organisation LachLandcare. He has won several awards, including the Lachlan Catchment Natural Resource Management Primary Producer Award, Conservation Farmer of the Year – Lachlan Region Winner, and winner of the National Carbon Cocky award for Outstanding Leadership. He has also been selected as a participant of Actions for NSW Agriculture, an initiative of the Australian Futures Project.


The McGrath-Webbers
Majura Valley Free Range Eggs

Majura Valley Free Range Eggs was one of the first genuine free range egg farms within the ACT and operates to a new set of guidelines that meet and exceed industry standards within Australia and New Zealand.

The farm, a previous winner in the sustainable farming category at the ACT Landcare Awards, provides eggs for the Canberra Press Club luncheons as well as other local outlets. The family farm, which does not use chemical fertilisers, sells a large proportion of its produce at the farm gate.

Like US farmer of "Food, Inc" documentary fame, Joel Salatin, whose meat chooks move around the farm and fertilise the paddocks, Majura Valley Free Range Eggs decided to use the same model to produce eggs for sale. They use portable fences and mobile sheds to produce free range eggs, while removing effluent build-up and maintaining healthy paddocks that have time to regenerate and will continue to nourish the chooks with lush green, nutritious grasses for years to come.

Placed in almost the geographic centre of Canberra, the farm is crossed by the new Majura Parkway - the visual gateway to the "Bush Capital". Farmer Anne McGrath says: "We are working with other members of the Majura Valley Landcare Group [co-founded with partner Nick Weber] to create an attractive visitor destination in the valley – we already have an award winning winery here and a notable black truffle producer and other landholders are developing business plans for complementary activities."


Michael Champion
Mountain Organics

Michael Champion's ambition is to supply produce that is value for money, tasty, and very healthy. Michael represents many of the organic farmers in the Mangrove Mountain region between Sydney and Newcastle, distributing to markets and organic stores and box suppliers – as well as other customers such as the award-winning Bentley restaurant in Sydney, the renowned Tetsuya's and Bondi Icebergs. Everyone wins in the Champion Mountain Organics co-operative - just one farmer makes the trips to market, saving on petrol and freeing up valuable time that can be spent growing food.

The farms and farmers are all personally known to Michael, who notes the source of produce and whether it is bio-dynamic, organic or chemical free. A 2015 NSW Landcare Award nominee and "agvocate", Michael has spent the past 20 years reinvigorating what was once light, sandy soil on his farm; building up humus and organic matter so the soil is now a dark rich loam.

The food supplied is seasonal and therefore, Michael says: "We can also run out, have gaps due to weather problems, due to demand or simply due to gaps that occur naturally. We can have gluts, so there should be specials available sometimes." All produce fulfils the criteria of eating within 160km.


Maureen Bennett
Ashgrove dairy farm & produce

Having lived on the family farm in the same house in Elizabeth Town, Tasmania for 48 years, Maureen Bennett is a keen advocate of the fact that Australian dairies are among the best, most ethical and healthiest in the world.

The board director of Ashgrove Cheese and partner in Ashgrove Farms, says the Ashgrove Farms' cows - like most cows in Australia - are not kept in sheds. They graze on a natural pasture diet resulting in a milk that is pure in flavour and ideal for producing delicious and healthy ice-cream, flavoured milk, butter, cream and a variety of cheeses sold widely by Ashgrove Cheese in Woolworths, Coles, IGA as well as Aldi and online.

A member of Landcare Australia's Advisory Council and a former board member at Landcare Australia, Maureen sees farmers as natural custodians of our land and water. Closer to home, she is a member of the regional Board of Natural Resource Management Northern Tasmanian and is also a former member of the Landcare Tasmania committee.


morris and sheehan
FigTrees Organic Farms

Glenn Morris and Henry Sheehan from FigTrees Organic Farms have used holistic land management to transform a degraded farm and resource base into a working model of eco-agriculture and played an important role in enhancing the health of regional ecosystem processes.

Their vision in raising sustainable beef and supplying gourmet ethical meat pies, has been not only to improve their land but also to bolster the health of the regional ecosystem. This has been achieved - by enhancing rainfall through enriching soils and pastures, and an active tree planting and wetlands program, a task that has seen the number of birds, wildlife and plants increasing significantly.

Glenn, along with other graduates from the Centre for Sustainable Leadership, has formulated the "iChoose" movement, empowering people to make a positive difference through daily actions – such as the food we eat.