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host a ff2f feast

Register and host a From Farm to Fork Feast this Spring!


Put Australia on your plate this Spring by hosting a From Farm to Fork Feast, and sharing what Australia has to offer with your friends and family.


Enjoy fresh Australian produce while supporting the farmers who balance the health and productivity of our land so we can all continue to enjoy fresh, local food.


This is your opportunity to give something back to our farmers, our kids and the land that produces our food and keeps us all going!


By hosting a From Farm to Fork Feast, you are agreeing to have a conversation around sustainable, fresh food and showcasing what Australia has to offer.

a step by step guide
on planning your ff2f feast

step 1


Some suggestions include:


A Spring feast focussed on what's in season in your locality
A vegetarian banquet
An Aussie BBQ
A local hero night championing produce local to your area
A Sunday seafood platter
An office pot-luck lunch
A weekend brunch
A sausage sizzle or bake-off in your workplace or school

step 2

register your feast

When you register, your fundraising page will set up automatically. This page will contain all the details of your FF2F Feast. By using this page, you can post the event details, upload photos, invite your friends, and set a fundraising target.


Don’t forget to ask people to donate, or set a price.

step 3

spread the word!

Once you have all the details and date for your feast, you need to start inviting people. Use your fundraising page to spread the word through Facebook, Twitter, e-mail, SMS, telephone or inviting your guests personally.


Ask them to donate or pay a fixed price through your fundraising page before, during or after the event. Let them know where their funds will be going and the impact they will have!

step 4

Get creative and make it a grand feast to remember! You can keep it simple and tasteful and let the food make the impact. Or you can create your own pop-up restaurant experience and make your guests feel like they need to score your food out of ten!


The important things to remember are to:

plan. shop. cook!

  1. Pick a style that you feel comfortable with and something you can achieve within the timeframe you set yourself.
  2. Decide on a menu that you'll love to cook and your guests will love to eat!
    Just remember to champion Australia's local landscapes and everything they have to offer. Perhaps visit your local market, butcher or green grocer. Find out what's in season or what comes from your own local area.
  3. Decide on a set fee or ask your guests to donate an amount they feel the feast is worth.
  4. Consider having an activity at your Aussie feast such as a raffle, bingo game or auction.
  5. Ask your local business or your suppliers if they can donate food or prizes.

Get busy in the kitchen!

step 5

have fun!

Now is the fun bit – hosting your ff2f Feast!

Take photos and videos of your event and upload them on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, using #fromfarmtofork15.